Stem Cell-Enhanced Facelift
These past years have seen a media bombardment of stem cells associated in the aesthetic field from beauty creams to facelifts. A new technique called Stem Cell-Enhanced Facelift is a sort of lifting through cell reinforcement. To know more, visit

Tattoo Removal
Dermatologic surgeons have developed safe and effective techniques to successfully remove unwanted tattoos. Patients request removal of a tattoo for a many reasons – social, cultural or physical. Some patients develop an allergic reaction to a tattoo years after the initial application. Because each tattoo is unique, removal techniques must be tailored to suit each individual case. Estetic surgeon Dr. Foukis at SKIN successfully removes tattoos. For more information please contact SKIN at 055.274.1503

Miss Chirurgia Estetica
Si moltiplicano i concorsi di bellezza. E in sintonia con l’evoluzione dei tempi, a Riccione il 20 agosto è stata eletta la prima Miss chirurgia estetica. Visionate le categorie su

Brava Bra makes your breasts grow
An article in the Daily Mail UK/Thursday, Sep 17 2009, witnessed how effective the Brava bra is. The Brava bra, was designed by Florida plastic surgeon Dr Roger Khouri. On sale last month in America already there has been a surge of interest from Britain. It costs about half the price of silicon implants and is considered a healthy alternative to plastic surgery. It is not available over the counter and can be fitted only by qualified doctors. The Brava bra works by placing suction cup pressure on the breasts, then fatty tissue and cells multiply.