Why Use Weed Pipes and Steps to Smoke A Bowl

Pipes for cannabis smoking have been around for centuries. Wide varieties of pipes have been designed for smoking and enjoying weeds. For example, pipes were made from stones or porphyritic 5,000 years ago. It included a central bowl and a traditional stem that was ornamented with attractive animal carvings. 

Why must you use weed pipes in this digital era?

The answer is simple! It’s –

  • Very easy to use
  • Small and portable
  • Maintenance is simple
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and functionality
  • Advanced design helps to lessen the inhalation of chemicals and toxins, while smoking [e.g. bubblers & bongs use water for filtering and cooling the smoke before inhalation] 
  • A very economical option to enjoy your weeds 

Anatomy of pipes

Generally, pipes include a bowl. It is a round deep basin, where the herbs get packed. It has an airtight channel, which delivers the air and smoke via a mouthpiece. In several designs, there is a 2nd air channel called ‘Carb’ used to regulate the flow of air across the pipe. However, the first two components are needed for you to smoke cannabis. The basic kind of pipes is called ‘Spoon’ due to its shape.  

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What is needed to start packing a bowl?

Heating element

Besides a pipe or bowl, you will need a heating element like a lighter. To avoid butane flavor, choose a non-butane heating element for vaporizing or combusting the bowl or pipe. For example, many use a hemp wick or a glass wand.


Screens help to avoid inhaling burning cannabis bits. You can even make them with ease.

  • Faucet head screen can be used
  • Wire or paper clip can be twisted into a coil

Never use a soda can or an aluminum foil or window screen because these are coated with materials, which are bad to inhale. 

How to prepare and smoke a pipe or bowl?

Bust your weed

Using a grinder bust the weed. It allows the weeds to burn more evenly. Never grind it into a fine powder because no smoke will be produced. If you don’t have a grinder you can cut the herb on a cutting board with a sharp chef’s knife. You can even cut the nugs with scissors into fine pieces. 

Pack your bowl

Putting the good stuff in the bowl sounds easy but you need to be a little careful for enjoying your smoking session even more. First, take a pinch of freshly busted weeds and add it lightly inside the bowl. Press it a little not too tight because air can flow through and help to burn. Packing the weeds too tightly may be a waste of your good stuff.

Light it

Hemp wick burns slowly and is a tastier way of sparking your bowl. If your pipe has a choke then ensure to place a finger on it while lighting. Carb or choke are tiny holes beside the bowl that regulates the airflow of the hit. Ignite the good stuff and you are set to inhale!


Inhale slowly and when a good number of weeds get burnt remove your finger from the choke and inhale the smoke. Exhale the smoke then breathe deeply! 

Ash your pipe

Never allow the pipe to sit with the ashes. Lightly tap it in an ashtray.